Karachi Public School

Education does not merely mean academic education and even that of a poor type. What we have to do is to mobolize our people and build up the character of our future generations - Quaid-e-Azam M.Ali Jinnah

Primary Section

Our primary section effectively focuses on an integrated curriculum to provide sound base and develop skills that are essentially required at the lower secondary and secondary level. Teacher focus on student’s abilities and design instruction to capitalize those skills and talents. As technology develops, we find new and exciting ways to incorporate it into our teaching and learning. It is wonderful and a useful tool for keeping interest and excitement high.

Early childhood education is the right of every child. Considering this, we offer a complete programme in our primary sections are based on traditional methods which are unique and impressionable, so that each child comes forth with his/ her abilities to the utmost.

Great care is taken in selecting books which enables the student to comprehend the complexities of the modern world with ease.

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