Karachi Public School Google Meet FAQs

What are the hardware requirements for Google Meet?
You can use Google Meet with any Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device. For video, a 2mbps connection is
recommended. However, Google Meet will automatically lower video quality if you have a slower connection. Audioonly should work on almost any connection. For Windows, we recommend using Google Chrome.

I don’t have unlimited data. What should I do?
We recommend connecting to WiFi for Google Meet but you can also use mobile data. On the best available quality,
Google Meet should consume about 20MBs per minute (this is an estimate. Your usage may differ based on your
hardware and the number of participants in the Meet). You can turn off video to save bandwidth. Audio-only should use
about 20MBs per hour (you can change the settings to audio only when you join the Meeting).

I can’t see a video icon on the top right corner (Android) or Meet link (Windows) in my Classroom to join the Meet.
What should I do?
You will only get the Meet link/video icon when your teacher has made it visible. Please wait until the class time and
refresh your page to see the link/icon.

On Android, I get an error “you do not have access to Classroom.” What should I do?
Please login to Classroom using the Google account on your phone first. After the first login, you can login with you KPS

I get an error “video calls aren’t allowed in your organization.” What should I do?
Only teachers can create Meetings. If you are trying to join your class, please wait a few minutes for a teacher to login
first. If you still can’t join the Meeting after a few minutes, please refresh your link and check you have the latest
Meeting code/nickname.

There is no teacher in the Class or I can’t join the class.
Please refresh your Google Classroom for the newest Google Meet link.
I cannot hear/see anything. Help!

Please try the steps in Google Meet help here: https://support.google.com/meet/answer/7380413?hl=en