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“With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.”

Founder’s Welcome

I begin by quoting the golden words of Quaid–e–Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founding father of the Nation. “Education does not merely mean academic education and even that of a poor type. What we have to do is to mobilize our people and build up the character of our future generations.” (27th November 1947, All Pakistan Educational Conference, Karachi).

With all modesty at my command and without making any tall claims, I can honestly assert that in establishing Karachi Public School, my aim has been to raise generations of Pakistanis well equipped for a shining future – strong in their character and conviction, just in their morals and persistent in their hard work and aspiration to reach the highest pinnacles of success and happiness. The journey and growth of KPS from just two students in 1981, to 20,000 in 2019 is a staggering testimonial to the trust that has been placed in us by the students of our school and their parents, and it can be attributed to the hard work, diligence and compassion shown by the team that makes KPS what it is.

I pray to Allah to grant me, my colleagues, my co-workers and all those associated with Karachi public School, courage and strength to attain our lofty ideals through ceaseless efforts. I pray to Allah to grant every child that steps over the threshold of Karachi Public School, the strength, courage and conviction to carry forward the ideals that have been passed onto them, and to make their unique mark on this world. I pray you grow strong, wise, humble and kind, and have the will to achieve every single dream that you hold in your heart.

Pakistan Zindabad
Mrs. Sara Mohyuddin
Founder, KPS

Principal’s Welcome

It gives me great pleasure to convey to the parents, students and all concerned my deep feeling of admiration and pride at the success which the school has achieved during the past 40 years.

If we continue our efforts to achieve higher goals we shall not fail in reaching the pinnacle of glory which we aspire to reach. It is a matter of great joy to review the achievements of our students over the years. I wish our younger generation takes a positive attitude in the modern changing world.

I can only stress that the parents or guardians should not cease in maintaining regular attention in improving the conduct and behaviour of their children. We strive to provide a good education system in which we keep a vigilant eye on the acquisition of knowledge and its implementation in practical life.

“Work in an unselfish way because this strives to make the child independent.”
– Albert Hubbard

Mrs. Akhtar Maruf
Principal, KPS

Our Strategic Plan

KPS Vision

To create an educational system that would
stimulate the mind and encompass all
values of life.

KPS Aims

Provide a caring, supportive and secure
environment with environment with the
object of encouraging each student to
develop to their full potential.

Our Guiding Values

At KPS we believe that passion brings out the
best in us. We love to surround ourselves with
individuals who consistently raise the
bar in everything they do.


To create an educational system that would stimulate the mind and encompass all values of life.

To follow a balanced, non-prejudiced curriculum that includes physical, social, academic and emotional development.

To challenge each child according to his/her ability.

To encourage students to take responsibility for their own behavior and learning.


Provide a caring, supportive and secure environment with environment with the object of encouraging each student to develop to their full potential.

Develop in each student, a confident concept of self with tolerance and concern for others.

Provide for each student a complete education that encompasses English, Mathematics, Science, Society and the Environment, Health and Physical Education, Information Communication, Technology and the Arts.

Recognise that parents are the essential educators and parental support can assist in the acquisition of skills, attitudes and values that the community and society deem to be important.

Develop in young people, skills, knowledge and positive attitudes in key learning areas so that they can approach their further education with confidence, leading to success.

Our Guiding Values

Raise the Bar

At KPS we believe that passion brings out the best in us. We love to surround ourselves with individuals who consistently raise the bar in everything they do, not settling for anything less than excellent. We ask more not only from others, but from ourselves.

Cultivate Curiosity

Without curiosity there is no progress. We believe in constantly learning, healthy debates, and challenging ideas. We love to get together to talk about our big “what if’s” and then figure out how to make them happen.

Embrace the Unreal

As the King Bill Murray, once said, “Weird is just a side effect of being awesome”. Our team couldn’t agree more. We believe that it’s our weird parts that come together and make a very special whole as we all bring unique perspectives to the table. Here’s to the crazy ones!

Lead with Transparency

The only way to be successful as a team is if we are intentional about setting each other up for success. We encourage each other to show vulnerability and we offer full support.

Create Memories

We value people that come in and do special work, resulting in cherished memories and a memorable legacy.

Growth through Empathy

Our team is our tribe. We believe in letting go of negative feelings and instead focusing on personal growth. This is an integral part of caring for each other deeply. Offering for help is guaranteed and asking for help is expected.

  • Mrs. Akhtar Maruf
    Head Principal All branches Secondary - Matric
    B.A. and B. Ed​


  • Ms. Saleha Masoom Ali
    B.A & AMI Montessori Diploma
    Principal - Pre-Primary


  • Ms. Shirin Quaid Johar
    Principal - Grade I-IV Primary

Stargate (Airport)

  • Ms. Fayza Shah
    Principal - Pre-Primary & Primary Grade I

Stargate (Airport)

  • Ms. Mehwish Fatima Rizvi
    Masters in Marine Biology
    Principal - Primary Grade II till Secondary Grade VI O'Level


  • Mrs. Nayyar Aslam Zaidi
    Principal - Secondary VI-VIII O'Level & VIII-X Matric


  • Ms. Shumaila Farheen
    M.Sc, M.Ed, B.Ed, M.Phill and currently enrolled in P.hd in Educational Leadership and Management.
    Principal - Preprimary - Grade V O'Level


  • Mrs. Attia Asif
    Masters In Biological Sciences
    Principal - Secondary Grade VI-X O'Level & VIII-X Matric


  • Ms. Nida Faraz
    Masters in International Relations & Student Assistance Program Facilitator
    Principal - Pre Primary and Primary Grade V


  • Mrs. Shehla Altaf Shamim
    B.Sc. hons & M.Sc in Bio Chemistry
    Principal - Primary Grade V - Secondary XI O'levels


  • Ms. Ruksana Jiwani
    B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Ed & Masters In Bio Chemistry
    Principal - Secondary Grade VIII-X Matric
  • Mrs. Tahira Naqvi
    M.SC In Microbiology, B.Ed & MBA In Educational Leadership
    Principal - Pre-Primary - Secondary Grade X O'Level & VIII-X Matric
  • Mr Syed Hasnain Javed Zaidi
    M.Sc (Mathematics) & M.Ed
    Vice Principal - Primary Grade III-V O'level

Tariq Road

  • Ms. Hadia Tariq
    Masters I.R, B.Ed & M.Ed
    Principal - Nursery till Secondary Grade XI Olevels & IX-X Matric


  • Ms. Maleeha Masood
    Masters In English
    Vice Principal - Pre-Primary and Primary Grade V


  • Ms. Ghazala Aijaz
    MA in International Relations, B.Ed & M.Ed, Post Graduate Certificate and Diploma from Scotland
    Principal - Secondary Grade VIII-X Matric


  • Mr. Shahid Khan
    Masters in English literature, Masters in Mass communication & B.Ed.
    Principal - Secondary Grade VI-XI O'Level

University Road

  • Ms. Ghazala Azmat Baig
    Masters In English & Masters of Public Administration In Human Resource
    Principal - Pre-Primary - Secondary Grade XI O'level


  • Ms. Sadia Abbas
    M.Phil - Human Resource Management, MBA - Educational Leadership, Diploma In Montessori Teachers Training Program(Montessori Directress), Diploma in Culinary Arts(Certified Chef)
    Principal - Pre-Primary - Primary Grade V