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Values We Live By

Raise the Bar

At KPS we believe that passion brings out the best in us. We love to surround ourselves with individuals who consistently raise the bar in everything they do, not settling for anything less than excellent. We ask more not only from others, but from ourselves.

Lead with Transparency

The only way to be successful as a team is if we are intentional about setting each other up for success. We encourage each other to show vulnerability and we offer full support.

Cultivate Curiosity

Without curiosity there is no progress. We believe in constantly learning, healthy debates, and challenging ideas. We love to get together to talk about our big "what if's" and then figure out how to make them happen.

Create Memories

We value people that come in and do special work, resulting in cherished memories and a memorable legacy.

Embrace the Unreal

As the King Bill Murray, once said, "Weird is just a side effect of being awesome". Our team couldn't agree more. We believe that it's our weird parts that come together and make a very special whole as we all bring unique perspectives to the table. Here's to the crazy ones!

Growth through Empathy

Our team is our tribe. We believe in letting go of negative feelings and instead focusing on personal growth. This is an integral part of caring for each other deeply. Offering for help is guaranteed and asking for help is expected.

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